Ant Text can automatically attach files to your e-mails as follows:

  1. Start your Windows Explorer and locate the folder ”Houses” – “Sale”, which we created in the ”Get started” guide.
  2. In the folder ”Sale” we have created an Ant Text called ”Sales Terms#J.docx”
  3. Create a new folder here, called ”Sales Terms#JAttachments”
  4. The folder name must be exactly the same as the Ant Text file, but added with ”Attachments”


  5. Insert those files that you wish to be automatically attached to your e-mail, in the ”Sales Terms#JAttachments” folder.


  6. In this example we have chosen the files ”Delivery terms.pdf” and ”Sales terms.pdf”.
  7. Restart Outlook and select the ANT TEXT toolbar.
  8. Select ”Sale” in the section ”Houses”
  9. Now the file ”Sales Terms” is shown.


  10. Hold the ALT key down, and press A and S to search for the shortcut keys.


    In the column ”Ant Text” there is now shown a ”J”, next to the document, that we have inserted in the ”Sale” folder.

  11. Press ”J” and ”Enter”, and our ”Sales Terms” Ant Text will be inserted into your e-mail.

    However, please note that your files “Delivery terms.pdf” and “Sales terms.pdf” has been automatically attached to your e-mail as well.


With a very few keypresses or mouse clicks, we have now automatically created your e-mail, and at the same time ensured that the correct files are attached to your e-mail.

The only thing you need to do now, is to enter the recipient of your e-mail and the subject line.

Can it be any easier to write your e-mails?