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Free Office 365 message helper for NGO's and Education
(schools, universities, etc.)
until 2020-1031

Take the proper precautions of Coronavirus with Ant Text

NGO’s and Education – In this time and age where a dangerous virus roams around, it is important to properly communicate necessary informations to your clients, suppliers, members, relations etc.
Use the offer for NGO’s and Education to communicate properly.

Price is valid for 2 months from your subscription start date
(you have to start your subscription before 31th of October 2020)

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Download Ant Text

Find Ant Text in AppSource or in the ribbon under Get Add-ins in Outlook Client.

Text for template

Get a short text ready, that you will be using for your first template.


Have a spreadsheet ready:
1 column with names
1 column with emails

Benefits of using Ant Text

Domain address

You will be sending from your own domain address

No sign up

There is no need to be signed up for a newsletter

Office 365

Ant Text works with all Office 365 versions

2000 recipients

Send up to 2.000,- recipients at every campaign

Valuable emails your customers can't ignore

The quantity of information that we need to manage is the biggest challenge and are now solved with Ant Text. All email templates are stored in one place in 4 different languages and easy to share to our staff with up to date info.

Before Ant Text we used up to 10-15 min. per e-mail in our responses to our clients now we use less than half the time and our communication is 100% streamlined across our hotels.

Porto Bay IAMCP
PortoBay Hotels & Resorts
"Loving Ant Text. The Templates have allowed us to manage the content at one master source to ensure accuracy as well as conformity in our email responses, and then sharing the templates with others in the organization to expedite work flows."

Microsoft partner Newfangled made business scalable for SA Cruises in just few weeks with Microsoft Power tools and Ant Text Outlook add-in .

SA Cruises Travel Agency
NGO's and Education

Coronavirus guidelines

  • Stay a safe distance from other people in public (6 feet).

  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth). Wash your face when you arrive home.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap (20 seconds).

  • Disinfect your phone frequently.

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