🏷 Price and plans

How much does Ant Text cost?

Check out our Ant Text prices, or contact us directly.

Does Ant Text have a free plan?

After the free trial expires you will automatically be able to use your Ant Text with the limitations described under Ant Text Basic.

Can I use Ant Text for my organization?

Yes, your organization can use one or multiple licenses connected to same subscription. You still pay for 1 license per email account and can share licenses and templates directly through Ant Text.

For more information about enterprise plans and custom solutions, contact us at support@anttext.com

Will you send me an invoice when I purchase a subscription?

Yes, you will receive monthly statement to your email that you can use as an invoice. You can choose annual subscriptions as well for your personal or organization and still receive an invoice so you can expense it.

How do I purchase Ant Text without a debit or credit card?

We will ask for your contact information and then we will send you 1 invoice for your subscription on annual basis. This will be sent to the email address you have registered when you added the trial of Ant Text,