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E-mail Management

Ant Text er et eSales og kommunikationsværktøj til virksomheder der ønsker at være mere effektive, dynamiske og reducere de fejl, der opstår ved virksomhedens branding via e-mail kommunikation.

Opdateret Arbejdsplads

Ant Text e-mail skabeloner lagres direkte i din Microsoft Outlook, og er klar til brug. Del dine e-mail skabeloner med ét klik til resten af din organisation, og effektiviser din eksterne kommunikation.

Professionelle skabeloner

Anvend Ant Text til at designe dine top bannere med billeder, links, videoer etc. E-mail branding begynder fra toppen og ned. Opbyg samhørighed imellem det visuelle udseende og din virksomheds identitet.

Ant Text E-mail Besparelses Beregner

Beregn hvor mange penge du vil spare hvert år ved hjælp af Ant Text

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Ant Teamet er blevet tildelt Microsoft Silver certifikater for:

🥈ISV (Independent Software Vendors)

🥈Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Som Microsoft partner, der tilbyder Ant Text Add-in til Office 365, er vi meget stolte af denne anerkendelse.


  • Dark Mode Designs: The Future of Email
    by Ladybug on 2020-06-01 at 11:36

    There is a lot of debate on the execution of dark mode in emails. While it is a challenge for email marketers, it is turning out to be an important aspect of accessibility. It changes the color palette of the interface so that the content is displayed in dark background colors and light foreground. Dark The post Dark Mode Designs: The Future of Email appeared first on Ant Text City of email.

  • Outlook email signature sync is on it’s way
    by Ant Admin on 2020-05-24 at 14:34

    Outlook users have been asking for the ability to sync email signatures across all of their devices for years, something Microsoft revealed that it is working on back in September 2019. Writing and replying to emails in Outlook may soon be a little easier. Microsoft is working on the new Signature cloud settings to ensure The post Outlook email signature sync is on it’s way appeared first on Ant Text City of email.

  • Power Up Your Emails With Animation
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    Animation is a great tool to leverage within email marketing to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Animated elements allow you to: Catch the reader’s eye Emphasize a promo or message Drive subscribers to convert Due to various levels of support across inbox providers, animation in email marketing requires thoughtful design to ensure The post Power Up Your Emails With Animation appeared first on Ant Text City of email.

Take your emails to the next level

Er du interesseret i hvad der sker worldwide for e-mail og marketing? Template City har brugbare nyheder for offentligheden omkring software, produkter, salg, services og marketing.

"The quantity of information that we need to manage is the biggest challenge and are now solved with Ant Text. All email templates are stored in one place and easy to share to our staff with up to date info." Read more...
PortoBay testimonials
Beto Serrão
Central Reservations Manager
PortoBay Hotels & Resorts
"Useful and missed this tool. Finally, we have full control of the content of the emails we send. We now have our own email templates, in several languages. We save time and get a common and consistent communication."
iGlobe testimonials
Alon Ekelund
Chief Executive Officer
"Loving Ant Text. The Templates have allowed us to manage the content at one master source to ensure accuracy as well as conformity in our email responses, and then sharing the templates with others in the organization to expedite work flows." Read More...
Merle Hambakis
Sa Cruises Travel Agency

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Take your emails to the next level

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“The Microsoft 365 App Awards recognize apps that provide an outstanding productivity experience, as nominated by its users. It’s great to see so many apps making a positive impact through well-crafted integrations with Microsoft 365. Congratulations to all of the winners.”    – Rob Howard