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Getting started

Ant Service Desk is a champion PowerApp for customer and support service, that allows your team to connect with any third party through email. Ant Service Desk can handle your conversation in one place and connects to your digital workflows that is needed for your organization.

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With Ant Text Email Templates, you can provide efficient email support to your customers. They can email you bug reports, feature requests, or general feedback.  They all end up in your Ant Service Desk as new items. In turn, your team can respond directly from the PowerApp. 

Ant Service Desk is built right into your Microsoft 365 tenant itself and the complexity and inefficiencies of multiple tools and external integrations are eliminated.

Personalize your digital transformation journey with Ant Service Desk.

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2019 Microsoft 365 App Award Winner. 2nd in Best Overall App. Get Ant Text from Microsoft AppSource.

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