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Email Management

Ant Text is an email eSales and Communication tool for companies that want to be more efficient, dynamic, and reduce errors in company branding through their email communications.

Modern Workplace

Ant Text email templates are stored directly in your Microsoft Outlook and ready to use. Share your templates with one click to the rest of your organization and streamline your communication.

Professional Templates

Use Ant Text to get your email top banners with pictures, links, videos etc. We believe that email branding starts from top and down. Build cohesion between the visual look and your company’s identity.

Ant Text Efficiency Savings Calculator

Calculate how much money you'd save every year by using Ant Text

The Ant Team has been awarded Microsoft Silver certificates for:

🥈ISV (Independent Software Vendors)

🥈Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

As a Microsoft partner offering Ant Text Add-in to Office 365 we are very proud of this recognition.


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  • Ant Text Videos
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"The quantity of information that we need to manage is the biggest challenge and are now solved with Ant Text. All email templates are stored in one place and easy to share to our staff with up to date info." Read more...
Beto Serrão
Central Reservations Manager
PortoBay Hotels & Resorts
"Useful and missed this tool. Finally, we have full control of the content of the emails we send. We now have our own email templates, in several languages. We save time and get a common and consistent communication."
Alon Ekelund
Chief Executive Officer
"Incredibly easy tool and a great solution to personalize our invoices that we send to our partners around the world, while the invoices are stored in our Microsoft Dynamics, where all employees can follow."
Benny Dohn
Chief Executive Officer
Nova Learning

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