Implementing Ant Text email templates at DKV Mobility shows strong advantages for customer service and logistics in several countries

DKV Mobility is the industry leader in Europe for premium services. These include all dimensions of on-the-road supply and mobility for truck and car fleets.

The French subsidiary of DKV Mobility has implemented Ant Text as a solution to improve their customer service. Their goal was to tackle frequently asked questions, repetitive enquiries. Moreover, they needed to reply faster to the high volume of support requests they receive on daily basis.

Once the French team has implemented the system, the use of Ant Text has been expanded to other subsidiaries.

“With Ant Text we can save around 3 to 4 minutes per email. Since emails are sent with the Ant Text templates, we can be sure that all our agents are giving the same and right information to customers.”

Kadia Badio

Coordinator Customer Service France

DKV Mobility offers access to the largest energy-agnostic acceptance network in Europe. This includes fuel service stations, public and semi-public EV charge points and alternative fuel service stations. They have approximately 90 employees in France and 1700 across Europe.

The Challenges

DKV Mobility has extremely high volume of incoming email. Moreover, most of the time they must send the same emails with the same links and attachments. Therefore, they need a way to reduce the time of treatment for each email.

DKV Mobility faced with challenges as follows:

High volume of email

Tight response time

Frequent repetition of similar enquiries

The main challenges of their previous email system and processes:

  • Difficulty with creating email templates and sharing them with everybody

  • Track of last version of templates

  • Manual operations with several individual designs and text

Ant Text solution

Ant Text provided DKV Mobility with the option of writing long, comprehensive emails with custom professional company design and automatically attach files to the email with only a few clicks. This builds cohesion between the visual look and the identity of DKV Mobility.

It has a feature that allows the customer to create, save and share designed email templates for use across the business – enhancing the overall image.

Use of custom merge fields allows the emails to become personalized and leads to an even easier and more user-friendly experience for DKV Mobility users.

Result KPI's

DKV Mobility immediately gained several benefits with using Ant Text:

Team collaboration with Ant Text

DKV France and Italy work closely together, therefore the possibility to share and edit email templates has been a huge plus to ensure consistency of email communication across the subsidiaries.

Instead of typing individual responses, the team has built templates that provide proper information and links related to several specific matters. This means that customer service operations become more standardized, but still allow to add custom information before sending the template.

Moreover, the two teams continuously share standard email templates, which can then be adjusted to the required language or updated with specific links. This allows us to prepare and structure an efficient email support strategy, where each division can use ready-made templates and reply to enquiries promptly.

Therefore, the implementation of Ant Text leads to momentous time saving and allows to better allocate the efforts and resources within the customer service employees.

Faster and better service means higher customer satisfaction, which is a pillar in the service industry.

“Ant Text is easy to use for everybody, so it was quickly integrated in the employees’ routine. It is easy to create an email type, share it and update it when needed without too much effort”

Kadia Badio

Coordinator Customer Service France

Ant Text is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that makes writing emails easier and faster. Ant Text ensures quality and consistency in emails, saves time in the whole organization by sharing the same templates. Hence, Ant Text improves the company or personal brand and customer service.