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Fully integrated with your Office 365 Outlook email, Ant Text is a new way of writing emails and a productivity tool to save your business time when sending identical email content and files more than once.
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Streamline your communication

With only a few clicks you can write long and comprehensive emails with professional templates and automatically attach files to your email.

Become more efficient and consistent

Save time, because you no longer have to search for files and old emails. Brand your company in a new way with high quality, and improve your customer service.

Share anywhere across your business

Ant Text allows you to create, save and share designed email templates for use by individuals and across the business – enhancing your overall image.

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Valuable emails your customers can't ignore

The quantity of information that we need to manage is the biggest challenge and are now solved with Ant Text. All email templates are stored in one place in 4 different langauges and easy to share to our staff with up to date info.

Before Ant Text we used up to 10-15 min. per e-mail in our responses to our clients now we use less than half the time and our communication is 100% streamlined across our hotels.

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We use Ant Text templates in our Accounting system integration and have achieved a better company branding in our communication with our clients. We are looking at Microsoft Flow automation with Ant Text as an connector and makes us much more efficient.

It has saved us a lot of time on writing different emails. We have also implemented Ant Text in our accounting system, where we easily can send from the first offer to the final invoice using predefined templates.

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Send bulk emails to all of your clients with Ant XL

Ant XL is a tool included in Ant Text which you can use to send news and/or event emails to your clients, from your own email address. This is also known as sending bulk emails or campaigns.
Using a spreadsheet holding the email addresses and other optional information like contact first name, customer name and so on, Ant Text will call in each row of the spreadsheet, populate the information into a template email, and send them one at a time in the background – making easy work of sending personalised emails from an individual or group email address to a selected number of contacts.
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