About Us

If you want to learn more about the Ant Team, you’re in the right place. Learn who we are and what we do.

About us

Insight Office are Microsoft 365 add-in experts especially with focus in template management. We have developed the preferred Microsoft 365 Outlook add-in Ant Text. 

We have put focus on Microsoft 365 and efficiency in your daily Microsoft workflows. 

Our main product Ant Text is based around customizable Outlook email templates, which allow you to save plenty of time on standard or frequently occurring inquiries. 

We have a team of developers which produces new innovative tools in condition with the Microsoft 365 platform. In general, we advise companies in the new way of using emails for branding through the daily email communication. 

Our goal is to provide the best Microsoft 365 add-ins for our field within template management. We reach out to those who needs a plug and play solution that works from start and saves you time and make your daily routines more effective. 

Our offices are in Frederiksberg, Denmark, where our team takes care of all the daily operations and the development of our add-ins. 

Read more about our Ant Text productivity tool on our social media pages or do get your own email tips, tricks, and knowledge from Template City. 

Template City, our blog, is the marketing news you do not want to miss as an email user. On our blog page we share relevant news about email marketing trends, branding tips, Outlook updates and plenty more. 

Insight Office is all about 
Simplicity, Insight and Collaboration. 

General focus areas

We have two legs in our company: the primary one that we only work with SaaS Software as a Service) products, which in our case is related to the Microsoft 365 suite. Ant Text helps people with saving crucial time in the email writing. And at the same time, we also increase the company branding.  

The other leg we have is the consultancies around emails, automation, digitalization, Outlook efficiency, and implementing CRM, and other similar systems. We are always trying to help people automate their digitalization processes. We have collaborated with several customers and partners to improve and simplify their workflows. Read more about our partner program here. 

Microsoft 365

We have chosen to focus solely on the Microsoft 365 environment, where we are highly experienced and skilled. With our products and consultancy services, we aim at improving the overall Microsoft 365 experience. Our main product Ant Text was born to overcome some inefficiencies when using Outlook. However, our primary focus is not restricted solely to emails, we are also working with other products from Microsoft as Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate, Office suite etc. 

Our add-in Ant Text runs on Outlook, it is an email template management tool that allows you to save time on emails, store and organize your templates. With Ant Text, you can also customize messages with merge fields and with your company branding. For instance, using pictures, links, signatures and so on. Read more about Ant Text. 

Our newest product Ant Service Desk, instead, is a Power Apps solution for customer service and support. Ant Service Desk is integrated with Outlook, and it shows you an intuitive interface where you can see all your support tickets. With few clicks, you can manage your inquiries, assign priorities, attach documents. Moreover, our Power Apps is integrated with Ant Text, meaning that you can create and use email templates stored in your Ant Texts folder.  

Therefore, supporting your customers becomes a very quick and smooth process with Ant Service Desk and Ant Text. Learn about Ant Service Desk. 

Currently, we are also working on developing new tools for Teams, another Microsoft Office area. 

Another advantage of being focused on the Microsoft environment is that our apps are accessible from all kinds of devices. For instance, you can use Ant Text from the Outlook app on PC and Mac, and even from OWA, the Outlook Web App. 

Our view on email

Despite the evolution of other digital marketing strategies, email marketing is still a very relevant technique. The main benefit is that you can expand your customer base and increase sales with an effective email marketing strategy with a small investment of time and effort. Yet, just as other platforms and media have evolved, email marketing tools have also become better at reaching customers.  

With our add-in Ant Text, you can personalize messages with your brand and reuse your templates endless times. There is also the possibility of adding custom touches to each recipient. Learn more about Ant Text on Microsoft AppSource. 
Further, we also have a bulk email feature to send personalized information within bulk emails to multiple lists of contacts in the form of campaigns, Discover Ant XL. 

According to industry surveys, 91% of consumers use email, 73% of businesses rely on email as their primary form of communication in the B2B world.  
It follows that numbers and facts show that email is a widely used communication tool and it also leads to a much higher return on investment (ROI), compared to social media marketing and other digital marketing channels. 
Over time, email has evolved into one of our most common modes of communication. We have all been taught to respond to emails in some way. Whether it’s to reply, forward, click through to anything else contained within the email, delete, we are all familiar with them. 

Email automation is one of the most effective ways for personalizing email marketing. Sending tailored emails based on their behaviors is one approach to using automation. On top of that, these triggered or behavioral emails are an excellent approach to make a subscriber feel as though you know who they are. 

In 2019, our product Ant Text was a winner of a Microsoft 365 App Awards for Best Overall App. This prize recognizes apps that provide an outstanding productivity experience among those nominated by its users. Read more about the award. 

Ever since its launch, Ant Text has been downloaded by over 50 thousand users and more than a million templates have been sent out with Ant Text.