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Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial to get started on PC

Step by step tutorial:
Get started with Ant Text

How to get the Ant Text icon more visible

Ant Text folders and the Demo data folder

The Ant Text folders are the grey buttons and the Ant Text templates are the white buttons with email icons.The Demo templates are templates that we have created for you. Please do not hesitate to try any of the Demo templates and try inserting your own texts and images.

Ant Text Merge fields

The [#Name#] below is a merge field. You can add any custom merge field to your templates.
  • For example: [#Name#], [#Full Name#], [#Product#], [#Price#], [#Meeting Agenda#], [#Company Name#] ect.
Update the value beneath the template in the Ant Text panel.
  • Fill in the “Name” value
  • Click on “Update Values”
The [#Name#] will automatically change to the value you filled in, i.e. Jane Doe.

Go to the next part about creating Ant Text templates

When you are ready to create your first Ant Text template click next on the Ant Panel.

Create an Ant Text template

Watch the video below to start creating your own templates

Step by step tutorial:
Create templates with Ant Text

Create your first template and Ant Texts folder

  • Create a new email.
  • Click next on the Welcome mail / Or click on Settings in the right corner and then Ant Texts.
  • Go down to the “Templates” section.
  • Write a name for your new template.
  • Click on the “Create new template” button.
  • Notice: A new folder will automatically be added to left Outlook panel.

Edit your new template

  • Open the template in a new editing window.
  • Copy a design from Microsoft word or Outlook.
  • Insert the copied template into your newly made template.
  • Close the editing window. This will safe the template automatically.

The Ant Text panel structure

After creating your first template, the Ant Text panel structure will change.

The Demo templates will be inside the Demo data folder and your own created templates will be inside the Ant Texts folder.

Create a new folder inside the Ant Texts folder

  • Create a draft email by clicking on “New message” and opening a new editing window.
  • Copy and paste a design of your own into the email.
  • Give the template a name.
  • Close the editing window. This will automatically save the template as a draft.

Now create a new folder inside the Ant Texts folder.

  • Right click on the Ant Texts folder and click on “New folder”.
  • Give your new folder a name.
  • Go to the draft folder and locate your newly created draft template.
  • Drag the template from the draft folder to your newly made folder.

Your new template is now inside your new folder.

How to use your new template inside your new folder

  • Click on “New message” and open the Ant Text IAMCP panel.
  • Open the Ant Texts folder.
  • Open your newly made folder.
  • Open your new template inside the folder.
  • Update any merge field values and send the email to your desired recipient.

Benefits of using Ant Text

Email Management

Ant Text is an email eSales and Communication tool for companies that want to be more efficient, dynamic, and reduce errors in company branding through their email communications.

Modern Workplace

Ant Text email templates are stored directly in your Microsoft Outlook and ready to use. Share your templates with one click to the rest of your organization and streamline your communication.

Professional Templates

Use Ant Text to get your email top banners with pictures, links, videos etc. We believe that email branding starts from top and down. Build cohesion between the visual look and your company’s identity.

Microsoft Outlook drafts

Reuse Microsoft Outlook drafts with own merge fields in daily email communication.

Ant Text Best Overall App IAMCP

Microsoft Ignite 2019

“The Microsoft 365 App Awards recognize apps that provide an outstanding productivity experience, as nominated by its users. It’s great to see so many apps making a positive impact through well-crafted integrations with Microsoft 365. Congratulations to all of the winners.”    – Rob Howard

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