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Getting started

Ant Text is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that makes you and your colleagues more efficient. With Ant Text you can write your emails easier and faster.

By using Ant Text you can help yourself and your company, with obtaining the following goals:

  • Ensure quality and consistency in your emails.
  • Add more value to your auto signatures with top banners.
  • Save time in the whole organization by sharing the same templates.
  • Improve your company or personal brand and customer service.
  • Create and send event and newsletters to different target groups

With only a few clicks, you can write very long and comprehensive emails with your own design.

The idea behind Ant Text is that you build up your own draft folder structure and create your own email drafts. Use uniform text, subject title, top banners, pictures, tables, hyperlinks and attachments for each email draft you create.

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2019 Microsoft 365 App Award Winner. 2nd in Best Overall App. Get Ant Text from Microsoft AppSource.

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