GDPR ready

Are you GDPR ready? That’s a question we have received several of times lately.

Furthermore we have received a bunch of emails from vendors, public companies and private companies with the same promise that they make sure that your data they collect are safe and will be used in a proper way. Do we read these emails? Maybe / Maybe Not

No matter if you read them or not it is still very important that you make sure that your company is GDPR compliant and that you inform about it.

So how can you do this in a very easy and in a  legal form and at same time come out with your messages you want about your company. We will introduce you for our own product that is a simply email directly in your Outlook.

We have made our own top banner for this purpose like the picture below:

Dear [#Contactname#]

We’re making updates to Ant Text, as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation by the EU will be effective as of 25th may 2018….

This way we can tell our relations that we are compliant and at the same time try to affect the readers with different links in our menu bar. Would you click on the links in the menu bar?

Will this work on mobile device? Yes of course, and the good thing about it is that you just have to click once with you fingertip on the link you like and you will get the requested information.

Think this as a branding space for you in your daily email communication with your recipients. So instead of only using your signature in the bottom you can now strength it with top banners for different purposes as you like.

How to start with your first email banner

  • Make sure you use Outlook and the optimal solution will be through an Office 365 subscription.
  • Download your Office 365 addin Ant Text from your Store in Outlook
  • Get your free template by contacting

Please share your experiences with your email banner or other ways you can brand your company in the daily email communication.