🖥 License

How to register a license?

Your license should be registered under Settings > Registration in the Ant Text Outlook add-in: Select the Ant Text toolbar  in the top. Select ”Settings” and “Registration”, and enter your license key under “Your license”. Then click the button ”Register license” (if you purchase online you will be registered automatically) Ant Text” is free to try for the first 14 days. After that you can still use “Ant Text”, but you will need to have a license for “Ant Text”, if you wish to avoid unnecessary delays when inserting your templates. You can buy a license for “Ant Text” from the delay screens that are displayed when your trial period has ended, or by visiting anttext.com When you have a license key, you can register it by selecting ”Settings” and “Registration”, and enter your license key under “Your license”. It’s important to note that a license key can be valid for several users, and that only users with a “Business” license will be able to share their “Ant Text” template folders, and assign licenses to others. When you have filled in your license key, click “Register license”, and your license should be registered. You can read about our terms and conditions, in our Ant Text agreement

How do I assign a license to others?

To make “Ant Text” easier for some organizations to administer, you can assign a license to other persons.

Again, you do this by selecting “Settings” in the menu, followed by the menu item “Registration”, but this time you select the tab “Users”.

If you wish to assign a license to a new user, all you have to do is enter the email address of the user, select which license type that you wish to assign to the user, and click the button “Assign license”.

If the user already has “Ant Text” installed, but does not have a license, the license will automatically be assigned to that user.

If the user does not have “Ant Text” installed, an email will be sent to the user informing the user that you wish to assign a license for “Ant Text” to the user, along with an installation guide for “Ant Text

How do I remove a user from a license?

If a user is no longer employed by your organization, changes email address or whatever, you might sometimes wish to remove the license from the user.

This can be done in the section “License in use by”, where you can remove the license from the user by clicking the  icon besides the user.