Ant Text Features

Learn what you can do with Ant Text.

Merge Fields

Merge fields are input fields you can put in your templates. There are 2 different merge fields. Fixed merge fields and custom merge fields. Learn about the different merge fields here.

Out of Office

Use the Ant Text Out of Office feature for when you are going on a vacation, when you are on a business trip, when you have the weekend off, when you are celebrating anything important to you.

Share Folder

If you're a business, it’s useful to be able to share your Ant Text templates with colleagues. This will ensure branding and communication consistency. Use Ant Text's Share Folder feature.

Ant XL

Ant XL is a tool included in Ant Text which you can use to send news and/or event emails to your clients, from your own email address. This is also known as sending bulk emails or campaigns.

Microsoft Power Automate

coming soon