End User License Agreement for Ant Text products

The license agreement will be in effect, as soon as you have added Microsoft add-ins powered by the brand Ant Text. All licenses for Ant Text are issued by Insight Office, or its affiliates. 

The use of Ant Text is an agreement between you, as the customer, and Insight Office, Vat no: 31569753, Denmark, as the supplier. 

Regardless of whether you are a private person, entitled to sign on behalf of a private company, corporation, NGO, or other similar institutions, you hereby accept these terms. 

Partners, or other affiliates, approved by Insight Office can likewise accept these terms and conditions on behalf of their clients, but are obligated to inform their clients of these terms and conditions, prior to their acceptance on their clients behalf. 

Duration of license, invoicing, and renewal 

The license agreement is effective immediately upon ordering and issuing a valid license key, to you as the customer. Licenses, and additional licenses, can be purchased at any time. 

The free trial period – of 30 days – does not oblige you to purchase a license for Ant Text, and/or enter into a license agreement with Insight Office. 

However, if a license for Ant Text is not purchased, by the expiration of the free trial period, and a license subscription is agreed to, Insight Office will be entitled to deactivate your use of Ant Text, with no warning whatsoever. 

After the free trial period of Ant Text expires, the customer will have the opportunity to choose between a selection of different Ant Text plans, which will be automatically invoiced and renewed in advance, depending on the chosen subscription agreement. 

Our licensing policy is structured in accordance with the norms prevalent in the industry, entailing a monthly charge per user that is to be paid upfront. As per Insight Office subscription guidelines, the subscription is renewed as per the Ant Text plan selected by you. It is essential to note that Insight Office does not furnish refunds for any subscription period that has been paid for. In the case of subscriptions spanning 100 users, payment can be arranged on a quarterly, biannually, or yearly basis, as per mutual understanding. The license numbers are audited periodically or on payment. Any modifications to the subscription plan must be communicated in writing to Insight Office prior to the start of a new settlement period. The price is determined by Insight Office in concurrence with the Ant Text plans that are currently active during the time of account renewal.  

This applies to all subscriptions, Insight Office offers no refund for a paid subscription period.  
Purchase done through Microsoft Store 

Important! Any change or termination of a subscription done through Microsoft AppSource Store must be done through the same channel. When purchasing from Microsoft Store, Insight Office is not able to make any changes or terminate the subscription. Relevant links when you purchase from AppSource Store.  

Microsoft standard EULA

As a customer you accept, that invoices are sent to you by email, to the email address that you have supplied of registration and/or purchase, and that the subscription fee is automatically charged to your credit card, should you have chosen that payment option. 

It is the customers responsibility to keep Insight Office informed about eventual changes to the customers contact information. 

The subscription agreement allows the user to utilize Ant Text on the number of clients that the Ant Text license was issued to. 

Subscription scope and application 

The subscription of Ant Text, applies to the legal entity, be it a person, company, or other legal entities, who ordered the subscription, and shall not be used by other parties. 

Your own personal Ant wants you to use Ant Text in a moral and ethical way. 

Therefore, Insight Office reserves the right to terminate this license agreement with 7 days of notice, if Ant Text is used to send spam emails that are contrary to applicable law or is used for other types of activity, which is not permitted under the relevant authorities, or deemed morally or ethically wrong by national authorities. 

Termination of subscription

As a customer, you can always cancel your subscription on Ant Text, until the date of the last invoiced subscription period. 

The agreement cannot be terminated for an already subscribed period, and if Insight Office is not notified in writing of cancellation prior to at least 1 month of the subscription expiry, the subscription will be considered as renewed with a further period, depending on the chosen subscription method. 

Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will entitle Insight Office to terminate the agreement without notice. 

Payment terms

The manual invoices sent by Insight Office will expect payment in full, within 8 days from the invoice date. 

Should the payment not be timely received, Insight Office will remind you of your missing payment as follows:  

  • The first reminder will be sent 10 days after the invoice due date, with no extra fees. 
  • The second reminder will be sent 10 days after the first, with a handling charge of EUR 10 + 2% of the original amount. 
  • The third and last reminder will be sent 7 days after the second reminder, with a handling charge of EUR 20 + 2% of the original amount. After a further 10 days with no registration of payment, access to the functionality of Ant Text will be automatically blocked. 

Full access to Ant Text, will be reopened promptly upon receipt of payment.  

Current prices and subscription fees for Ant Text, can be found on Insight Offices website and can be altered by Insight Office with due notification, which in accordance with this agreement, is one month prior to the expiration of your subscription period.  

Prices will be annually regulated by the current consumer price index, which will not be deemed as a legal cause for terminating this agreement.  

Insight Office is entitled to make changes to Ant Text and automatically upgrade your version of Ant Text to the most recent version, without any prior notice.  

All prices stated on Insight Offices websites exclude VAT, and depending on your local jurisdiction you might be liable to pay VAT. 

Newsletters and other email correspondence 

Insight Office retains the right to send you emails, when new updates of Ant Text are released, or when Insight Office releases other add-ins, applications, services, or other products that Insight Office considers that you might be interested in. 

You can always unsubscribe from this information, by clicking “Unsubscribe”, at the bottom of a received email from us. 

Your Ant will respect your wishes. 

However, you cannot unsubscribe from invoices due to being received or replies to support issues, instigated by yourself. 

Legal rights and responsibility 

All intellectual rights, copyrights, patents, and licenses concerning Ant Text are the property of Insight Office. 

Insight Office is under no circumstances responsible for any consequential or other indirect losses caused by the customers use of Ant Text. 

Naturally, Insight Office will constantly do its best to address any inconveniences but is limited to compensating the customer only for a maximum of the last paid subscription fee. Dated from the moment an actual, demonstrable inconvenience was caused to the customer by deploying Ant Text. 

Confidentiality and responsibility 

Insight Office is by engaging in this agreement, consenting to a “non-disclosure” agreement.  

Most emails are trivial, but some emails can be highly sensitive and/or personal.  

Ant Text is very easy to use. However, if you need to contact our support, you can rest assured that we will protect your privacy and confidentiality online bound by the “non-disclosure” agreement.

Insight Office has taken the required technical and organizational security measures, to prevent fraud, hacking, or any other unauthorized access. 

Legal disputes 

Any legal dispute that might arise from this agreement or during the subscription period is governed by the law of Denmark, and must be filed with ”Sø- og Handelsretten” in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

This document was last updated on February 2nd, 2023