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Merge Fields

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Merge Fields Basic version

Learn about single line and multi line merge fields here.

What are Merge Fields?

Merge fields are input fields you can put in your templates.

The merge fields themselves in the template can look like this: [#Name#], [#EXCEL-COL:C#], [#Flowfield1#], [#Product#] etc.

When you open a template from the Ant Text panel, an input field will appear with a corresponding merge field.

There are 2 different merge fields. Fixed merge fields and custom merge fields.

Keep reading to learn about their differences.

Fixed Merge Fields

Fixed merge fields are values which are related to your email account. You can use the fixed merge fields to automatically update your informations that are corresponding with the merge fields in the template.

For example, some merge fields can be: “My short name“, “Company name“, “Phone“, “LinkedIn URL” etc.

And the corresponding merge fields would look like this:

My short name: [#MYSHORTNAME#]

Company name: [#MYCOMPANYNAME#]



In order to find the merge field settings, go to the Ant Panel “Settings” and then “Merge Fields“.

Insert Merge Fields into your Templates

Open any Ant Text template you have created from the Ant Text panel.

Then, you should open the Merge Fields page by clicking on “Settings” and “Merge Fields“.

After that, scroll down to the “Insert Merge Fields” section.

You will need to choose an area in your template that you want your merge field to be inserted to. For example, put the [#Name#] at the top of the email, and put your name and company name in the bottom in your signature area.

Now you can select the field you wish to insert into your template and click the “Insert Merge Field” button.

Custom Merge Fields

Custom merge fields are customizable fields for your Ant Text templates.

You have two options: Single line or Multi line merge fields.

For example, [#Header-text#] should be a single line merge fields, while [#ML-Body-text#] should be multi line. It simply means if your text should just be a one liner or extend to several lines (like a paragraph).

You can see few examples here below:

  1. Name” is a single line merge field (unless you have many names that requires multiple lines) and looks like this: [#Name#].
  2. Product information” should be a multi liner, because it depends on the length of the text. It looks like this: [#ML-Product-information#]. The ML means Multi Line.

Insert any single line or multi line with your own customized names into your templates and save them. Next time you open the template from the Ant Text panel, there will be an option to fill out the customized merge fields under the template you just opened.

Different Merge Fields

What are the different merge fields I can use in other programs?

The standard merge fields

The single line and multi line merge fields are the standard merge fields. It is any merge fields that you can insert directly from the Ant Panel, for example: Custom merge field,  My full name, My company name etc.

Section merge fields

The section merge fields are sections where you can choose the visibility to be on or off.

Use this feature when you want to create several offers, and you want to be able to toggle on and off any section you want to show or don’t show at all.

Ant XL Merge Fields

The Ant XL merge fields comes from a Microsoft Excel file that contains the names of your contact list, subscribers, clients or any other list for your campaigns, newsletters, bulk emails etc.

An example of Ant XL merge field can be [#EXCEL-COL:C#] and it is for a corresponding column in a Microsoft Excel file, here the Column C. This merge field will have the name of your contact list in the place of the merge field [#EXCEL-COL:C#].

To be able to send the emails to the correct people, the Ant XL feature will let you choose an existing Microsoft Excel file from your computer.

If you want to see the status of your campaign, then simply go to the Ant XL – Events & Newsletters page in the Ant Text panel, and choose “Follow existing event/newsletter email” on the list and choose any of your campaigns from the dropdown menu.

Microsoft Power Automate Merge Fields

The Microsoft Power Automate merge fields are simply called [#FlowField1#][#FlowField2#][#FlowField3#][#FlowField4#] etc.

The merge fields corresponds with the FlowFields that Microsoft Power Automate provides.

Check out our user guide videos to learn more about merge fields and how to use them.

Video – What are merge fields?

Video – How to merge fields

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