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Ant Text Share Folder

Learn about the Ant Text Share Folder feature

Share Folder

Learn about the Ant Text feature Share folder. 

Share Folder values

Learn about the values using the Share folder feature.

Why should I share my folders?

If you are a business or similar it’s useful to be able to share your “Ant Text templates with colleagues. This will be able to ensure brand and communication consistency.

Ant Text’s feature “Share Folder” will let you share any or all of your folders with your co-workers. This will ensure consistency throughout your company. Anyone you share your folders with, will be able to use your templates, but not able to alter them. 

How can I share my folders?

Go to your Ant Text structure on the left side of Outlook and choose the folder you wish to share with others. Here I have chosen the folder called “My new folder“.

After selecting the folder, click on one of the templates inside the folder and open the Ant Text panel by clicking on the Ant Text IAMCP logo. 

Go to “Settings” and then click on “Share folder“.

Make sure that you have the correct folder by looking at the “Selected folder“.

Enter the email address of the person you wish to share with. Share the selected folder by clicking on the“Share folder“ buttom.

If Ant Text is not installed on the email address, an email will be sent to the address. This will inform the owner that you would like to share your templates with the owner. The email will include an installation guide for Ant Text.

To no longer share a folder with a person first find the person below the “This folder is shared with”. Then click Icon-Close beside that person. When you click that icon, the folder will no longer be shared with that person.