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"Useful and missed this tool. Finally, we have full control of the content of the emails we send. We now have our own email templates, in several languages. We save time and get a common and consistent communication."


"Easy and good solution to personalize our invoices that we send to our partners around the world, while the invoices are stored in our Microsoft CRM system and all employees can follow."

Nova Learning

"Using Ant Text in my work is a really great relief in my everyday life. It makes me efficient and professional. It is simple to understand and easy to use. I can only give my best recommendations."


"Ant Text program works super well. We send all our deals from e-conomic via App function in Outlook. Sending emails via an Excel extraction from e-conomic is something we're surely going to use in the future. Ant Text support is super good :)"

LH Camera Aps

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